Click These 5 Links To Explore Better | Issue #1

Click These 5 Links To Explore Better | Issue #1

We have been checking out lots of awesome links this week and have been learning how to explore better! Here are 5 that we think you might like to check out. Get out there and explore better this weekend! 

The North Face’s giant, gleaming NYC flagship store on Fifth Ave. opens its doors to the public today, 50 years after the brand’s first store opening in San Francisco. Tons of all-new clothing and equipment are available right now, including hardcore mountaineering gear and a new line of urban-active wear. But that’s hardly the most exciting part...

The North Face’s Extremely Rare ‘Purple Label’ Is Finally Available in the US

There’s no better way of escaping the constraints of civilization than to drop it all for a few days and set off on a camping trip into the wilderness.

You’re instantly gifted the chance to rediscover yourself, as your list of concerns is whittled down to just three simple things: how far to walk that day, where to pitch your camp for the night, and what’s on the menu for dinner...

Essential equipment for a perfect camping trip

Cuben fiber is a non-woven, laminate material that is used to make ultralight backpacking gear including backpacks, tents, and tarps, stuff sacks, and backpack rain covers. It is made by sandwiching ultra-high-weight-molecular polyethylene Dyneema fibers with polyester to produces an exceptionally lightweight, strong, and waterproof material. Dyneema fibers are 15 times stronger than steel by weight, which gives cuben fiber its strength...

Cuben Fiber – Frequently Asked Questions

You may not think of REI as a great source for quality bikes. But that could change very soon. 

Last month, the company announced that it has killed off its in-house Novara brand, launched a redesigned range of bikes under the name Co-op Cycles, and is throwing its weight and resources behind becoming a legitimate one-stop shop for cyclists.

REI Wants to Become Your Go-To Local Bike Shop