SaltAir 30a Pontoon Stand Up Paddle Excursion

The morning was crisp and warming up quickly and the Explorer Gear family had just recently arrived in Panama City Beach to explore what it had to offer. Before arriving in PCB we connected with the awesome folks at Salt Air 30a and they offered to connect us to some of their adventures they offer. We, of course, accepted their offer and were very excited to explore better and locally with some experts. 

The morning of our excursion we headed to Lake Powell, a local dune lake with a connection to the ocean. We were all very excited about our Stand-up Paddle adventure ahead of us. We prepared the GoPro and our other cameras to film the adventure and couldn't wait to begin. We arrived a bit late due to a small accident, but Matt was kind enough to meet us a few minutes later than expected. As we arrived we started loading up on the pontoon boat, it was extremely nice with a large amount of space for all 8 of our exploring family plus 5 paddle boards for us to share. 

Matt started the tour with sharing with us how the dune lake is exceptionally awesome. The fresh water from the springs meets together with the salt water from the ocean and causes a beautiful color anomaly. Matt started driving the boat out to our paddle location and stopped right at the edge of where the salt water and fresh water meet. It was an amazing site to see and it caused a beautiful brown tone between the different waters. At this point, the water was only 1-2 feet deep and easy to jump off the boat into. 5 of us hopped out and jumped on the paddleboards to paddle more towards the ocean. 

It was great how shallow it was because the others in our group could wade and come along and switch throughout our time paddling. We paddled towards the ocean with excitement and really enjoyed exploring the clear waters, even found a few pairs of goggles and some great shells! The paddleboards were mostly all different and allowed for a few different feels, some longer and wider than others, one blow-up and a few others solid. It was a great time paddling and as soon as we got to the ocean, the real fun began. We got nearer and nearer and started paddling into the surf, the waves offered a new and exciting challenge compared to the calm waters of the dune lake. All along, Matt stayed with the boat, gave us pointers and overall was a great captain.

We paddled back-in from the ocean and boated back to shore. Our experience with the day was superb and we couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable outing with SaltAir30a and Motorboatin' 30a. We'd love it if you would go check out their site and when you are in Panama City Beach, go try out some of their adventures.