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Grand Trunk Kryptek Hammock | The Hammock Built for Blending In

More and more recently hammocks have begun to catch the eye of the high school and college kids. They use them for hanging in the shade, relaxing, on a stand, overnight in a hammock tent and sometimes taking naps. The extreme portability and practicality of the simple hammock has somewhat been forgotten. Changing our mindset from viewing a hammock as a cozy place to lay your head to an essential piece of gear for any explorer. More frequently than not, find myself spending the night in an area with trees, they are everywhere, so a hammock is perfect for this. It is a shelter that is off the ground away from night time critters and wet, cold ground. Because hammocks are a necessary part of any explorer’s gear, it’s important to have the right one. Grand Trunk’s Kryptek Yeti Print Hammock is a hammock that should definitely be considered.

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