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Solar Camping Gift Guide | 5 Gifts Your Sun Loving Friends Will Love

When it comes to camping, it’s important to leave no trace. It’s also great to keep your pack as light as possible. Solar-powered gadgets help with both of those problems--whether you’re saving weight using a solar-powered lantern or brushing your teeth with eco-friendly toothpaste (or without toothpaste at all). Chances are, you have a friend who’s obsessed with solar gadgetry--if you don’t, you might be that friend. If so, here are five solar camping gifts they’ll love.

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8 Winter Hammock Accesories You NEED

Hammocks make for fantastic summer sleeping gear, whether you’re a dedicated outdoorsman or a college student studying for a test while also trying to connect to nature. But all too often it’s that same hammock that is one of the first things to get stowed away when temperatures start dropping. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to wake up with a case of icicle butt. Thankfully, with the right gear that hammock becomes a sleeping solution for all seasons! We’ve got a list of must-have winter hammock accessories to keep you toasty all night long.

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Benefits of Using a Refillable Water Bottle

Did you know over 50 billion disposable water bottles are distributed in the US each year? The average American spends $5 on bottled water each week! However, using a refillable water bottle instead not only saves money, it saves you from worrying about environmental factors concerning water usage and waste.

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