The 16L AW Lowepro Photo Hatchback Gear Review

The 16L AW Lowepro Photo Hatchback Gear Review

You always want to remember your adventures. I purchased my Nikon D7100 so I could take photos when I was out exploring. I use my free time to pursue my passions, such as skiing, kayaking, and hiking. Yet my camera bag was unable to keep up with my lifestyle. Most DSLR cameras come with a shoulder bag. They are decent sized and fit several lenses. Yet these bags aren't designed for an outdoor lifestyle. The shoulder bag the camera came with was cumbersome and uncomfortable. To mitigate this I decided to buy a Lowepro 16L hatchback.

This bag is perfect for budding photo enthusiasts. It fits my Nikon D7100 perfectly, along with my 18-55 and 55-300mm lenses. The equipment sits in a padded pocket that sits on your lower back. The pocket has a zip out that allows you access to the camera. There is no access from the top of the bag, so the bag needs to be removed to access the camera. This can be inconvenient, but it also ensures that your camera is secure. I found with a little bit of planning, this did not hinder me too much. The bag also features a built-in rain cover.

I found the Lowepro bag to be extremely comfortable. It features waist and chest straps, which keep the bag secure. I hiked 10 miles on Mount Moosilauke, and it stayed snug on my body. Yet it feels light and doesn't constrict motion. For a smaller bag, it also has a decent amount of storage. In addition to the camera pocket, the bag has a top compartment, a zip up front pocket, and two side pockets. Lunch, water, notebook and a base layer fit in this bag. The bag is the perfect size for a day of adventure.

The bag is only designed for day hikes, but the protective pocket for the body and lenses can be pulled out, and if needed, stuck into an overnight bag. The camera section is tight, so while great for beginners, would not be the right fit for professional photographers. Lowepro does offer larger bags as well, so there are bags that fit every photographer's needs.

Overall I think the Lowepro 16L is a great bag for beginners. I can take the camera out with the piece of mind that my camera is secure. I have been able to bring the bag out on my adventures and catch some great shots. It was an investment, yet I have used the bag often. I would suggest this product to any new photographers and adventures.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.