Baron Fig Confidant and Apprentice Review

By: Wade McComas

Is it possible for a blank notebook, or ruled/graphed/dot-matrixed for that matter, to inspire? Doubtful. However, Baron Fig’s bold desire is “to champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world” bold desire of Baron Fig. 

Baron Fig Confidant and Apprentice Review

It is more likely that the vast majority of people will purchase these handsome little journals and after writing on the first couple of pages retreat to Twitter. My favorite author says that if you claim to be a writer you must give your whole life to it. I say that if you are going to use a notebook put all of life in it. 

But lets say I am being a downer and you are choosing a notebook that you want to actually use. Baron Fig’s Confidant and Apprentice are ready to have life poured into them. 

Baron Fig Confidant and Apprentice Review

Upon opening them I was a little taken back by their beauty. The burgundy, silver, white, and gold color scheme is really working for me. If you choose both models of their notebooks you will see a unified design ethic. It is uncluttered and aside from some special releases they stick to the silver covers with gold thread/ribbon, which means that I do not have to make decisions of color or wait for the next season’s design. It’s simple. 

The Apprentice is slightly shorter and wider than other pocket-sized notebooks. I cannot say whether this is better but it does provide comfort–for lack of a better word. The pages are sturdy and the design of the cover makes it easy for me to write in hand, without finding a flat surface to plant on.  

The Confidant–the flagship- is an all around gorgeous item. It comes in a protective box which is that lovely Port color and the notebook is cloth over board. You would be forgiven for thinking that a 196 page novel already awaits you on the other side of the cover. Instead you open to a modest rectangle that should hold your name or title of your work or date range but honestly I like that color and shape so much I could not bring myself to write in it quite yet. 

There are many Kickstarter darlings out there these days and Baron Fig features all of the high-mindedness necessary to affect a following. The smaller Apprentice could be traded in for another popular brand though the above-stated differences are worth looking at. 

The Confidant is unique. Comparable in size to notebooks found at craft shops or book stores but competitively priced with those options with more perks. $16 for a flat-lying notebook that includes a case, looks pretty, is modestly sized, a tree gets planted with it’s purchase, and free shipping…I’ll take it.

Grab a Confidant and pour some life into it. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.