Hydrapak Stash 1 liter Collapsible Bottle Review

By: James Veldt

Hydrapak Stash 1 liter Collapsible Bottle Review

I was thrilled the moment I received my Stash bottle.  Every morning when I leave the house I carry my bag with tools, books, tablet etc., my lunch, my coffee travel mug, and up until now I had been using either a Nalgene bottle or 32 oz travel mug for my water.  Yep, that's a lot of stuff to be hauling around from home to work and in between workplaces.  My bag has one drink holder that I normally stick my coffee cup in leaving my options for my water bottle to either carry it or clip it to my bag and just put up with it swinging around.  The Stash, as simple as it seems has cut down on my “clutter”  just a little bit, making my commuting just that much easier. 

Hydrapak Stash 1 liter Collapsible Bottle Review

Hydrapak is a familiar name in hydration.  They started with backpack drinking resevoirs, but they haven't limited themselves, continuing to innovate with a “soft-flask” line and now a free standing, soft sided, collapsible bottle.  While empty, it weighs just over 2 ounces and collapses down to just over 2 inches tall.  It has a hard molded plastic top and bottom that snap together, keeping it compact and ready to slip into a pocket or bag. 

When ready to fill it, unscrew the cap, squeeze the top section and it pulls open to a full 1 liter size that whether full or partially filled stands on its own.  Admittedly, without the bite valve like their “Soft Flask” features, this bottle isn't quite as convenient to drink from while active, but as I spend most days in an office enviroment I much prefer the convenience of the free standing bottle that is easy to “stash” (see what they did there?) when I am finished with it. 

Hydrapak Stash 1 liter Collapsible Bottle Review


·      Holds a full liter

·      collapses to 2” height and multiple bottles nest together while collapsed

·      naturally anti-fungal

·      Free Standing while filled

·      No-Leak lifetime warranty


·      Screw cap instead of bite valve makes it a slightly more cumbersome to take a quick drink

·      took a little while to get rid of that plastic taste

·       takes some practice to figure out how to unsnap it when it is collapsed


I have been carrying this with me everywhere for 2 weeks now and I don't plan on leaving without it any time soon.  I love the tiny size when not in use and the good volume when I do fill it up.  If they gave me the option for a bite valve to put on top it would be my perfect bottle.