Jonathan Paul Fitovers Review

Jonathan Paul Fitovers Review

By: Brenda Guernsey

In the past, I have never considered sunglasses that fit over my glasses because my impression was that they are bulky, awkward, overpowering on people’s faces and not very fashionable.  But Fitovers Eyewear by Jonathan Paul has completely changed all of that.  These are not your grandma’s sunglasses!!  I LOVE them!

I received two different styles to test:

Nowie Brushed Steel Blue Mirror

Razor Olive Charcoal

The sizing was determined from measurements of my glasses, and the size that I was given was perfect.  Each pair comes with a strap, cleaning cloth and case which has a clip on it.  Both styles were lightweight and sturdy.  Even while gardening (and the up and down, back and forth nature of that activity), they stayed securely on my face and did not impair my movement nor ability to see what I was doing.  I like the way they rest on the top of my glasses and do not stick out further (either out from my face, nor at the sides) than is necessary or create additional bulk.  As a result, there is not pressure at the nose piece, nor pressure on my cheeks or ears. Neither style felt like it overwhelmed my face, which is on the smallish side.  When I have them on, I don’t even notice that they are there.

The Brushed Steel Blue Mirror Fitovers are very stylish. I have always preferred sunglasses in the blue/gray spectrum over the amber/brown type, so the blue mirror color was better for me.   The earpiece at the temple of the Brushed Steel style is opaque, letting in light but reducing glare from the side.  For driving, this did take a little getting used to with a bit of a blind spot to the side when changing lanes or backing up.  The Razor style includes a side lens in the temple area, and I really liked that feature.  I really wished I could combine the two styles – and include the side lenses in the Brushed Steel Blue Mirror Fitover style.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers Review

The strap clips securely into the end of the earpiece, which is a great feature.  I wear medium length hair and the strap on the end of the ear pieces did feel a bit bulky and awkward with my hairstyle.  For someone who wears their hair in a ponytail or with short hair, that would not be a problem. 

I tested these in the autumn, and I did wonder how colder weather/winter will affect their usefulness, or if there would be fogging between the Fitovers and my glasses. 

This is a really great product!  I wear glasses for both near-sightedness and far-sightedness, and I do not wear contacts.   I wear sunglasses for driving, walking/hiking, gardening, some kayaking and just generally being outside. The Fitovers by Jonathan Paul are lightweight, fit securely and seem very durable.  I am a convert and may not touch my expensive prescription sunglasses again.