Red Fox Coats Edition 1: Women's Quasar Jacket

By: Molly Guernsey

Red Fox NA Quasar Jacket Review

*This is the first of a series of three reviews of three different Red Fox Outdoor Equipment Coats.*

The set of Red Fox coats couldn't have come at a better time! It was beginning to get cold and I was in need of a new winter coat. I honestly couldn't be happier with what Red Fox sent! The Quasar Jacket is the perfect coat for the frigid winds that roll through the cornfields of Ohio. So far, I have worn it hiking, on a long trek to cut down a Christmas tree, and just on everyday errands. It has become a necessary part of my everyday wear this winter.

Red Fox Jacket Gear Review

Design and Construction

Red Fox Jacket Packaged Up

The design of this jacket is what I love the most. I measured myself using Red Fox's Sizing Guide and when it came, the jacket fit me perfectly. From the fitted hood, cuffs, and waist to the lightness of the weight, this truly is the best jacket I have ever worn. Some other aspects that I like are the big zippered pockets, the waterproof material, and the draw-cord that tightens the back of the waist. The winning design quality is the way that the jacket fits into the inside-out left pocket to become a small, easily carried package. It can then fit into a suitcase, purse, or even into your backpack while on a hiking trip! I know I am always looking to save space in my pack while exploring! This coat definitely does the trick!

Red Fox Jacket Top

Another characteristic that this coat has which I haven't seen in many others, is that the top 3-5 inches of the inner zipper is lined with a felt-like material. When I zip the jacket all the way up, the zipper isn't rubbing on my face, the felt is there as a go between! Yet another benefit of this jacket is that it can be a stand alone or it can integrate with other Red Fox coats as a mid-layer. Overall, I do not see any areas lacking in the construction and design of this jacket. Even the style is an attractive feature!

Red Fox NA Gray Jacket


Now that we know that I like how the jacket looks and feels, we can talk about the main function of a coat. Does it keep me warm? Let me answer that question with a big, YES! My sister borrowed this coat for a walk one cold evening and she came back surprised at how warm it kept her. She said she has never worn a coat that was this warm! I agree with her! 

At every turn, I have been impressed with this jacket. It has the perfect balance of features and I appreciate that the designers seemed to think about the user when creating it. The Quasar Jacket also comes through in another area that is the material. I previously owned a down jacket which I thought was a comfortable weight, but now after testing this blend of waterproof down and Primaloft, I am sold. I know I talked about the jacket being lightweight and waterproof in the design category, but these qualities make the jacket uniquely usable so I felt I needed to include them here as well. 

Explorer Rating

I give this coat a solid 5 out of 5 explorer rating. Before wearing this coat, I didn't know what qualities I liked in a winter jacket. Now I know that nothing will come close to what Red Fox has to offer!

As the weather begins to get colder, I am going to be testing out and reviewing the two other coats Red Fox provided me with. Be looking for these reviews and in the mean time, let me know what you think about your Red Fox gear by commenting below!




I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.