Aulta Leeway Watch Review: Classy Enough For Clark Kent, Rugged Enough For Superman

By: Brent Holuta

I’m a fan of watches.  I wear a watch daily, and I enjoy the look and feel of a watch.  I’ve been wearing the Aulta Leeway with regularity over the past several weeks, and it has quickly become one of my go-to daily watches.  

Aulta Leeway Watch Review

Product Specs:

  • Miyota OS21 Japanese quartz dual eye chronograph with date

  • 22 mm band in polyurethane, nylon, stainless steel, or leather

  • 44 mm surgical grade 316-L stainless steel case, hardened mineral crystal, and stainless steel screw down case back

  • Water resistant to 100 meters

Design & Construction

The Leeway nails everything that I look for in a watch design.  It blends a sleek modern case and band with the timeless (ha) look of the dial and hands.   I also really like the look of the dual chronograph subdials.  I appreciate the versatility of this watch.  Its clean, simple design goes well with comfortable athletic wear, but also looks great with business casual attire. 

I’m very impressed with the quality of construction of the Leeway. Its surgical grade stainless steel and hardened mineral crystal case provide great assurance in its ruggedness.  The crown is a screw-down design, which further protects the integrity of the watch. It is a durable watch, with attention to the little details that make it tough enough to wear in the great outdoors.  

Water Testing

Photo Credit : @aulta_surf Instagram

Photo Credit : @aulta_surf Instagram

It is worth noting that I am not a surfer, by any means.  Nor is that even a legitimate option for me, as an explorer who resides in Central Kentucky.  It also not a legitimate option for me due to lack of coordination and balance, but that’s beside the point.  So I do apologize to the good people at Aulta for not putting their product to the ultimate test.  I did wear the watch in the shower, which is pretty close to surfing.   

The watch was truly impressive following full immersion in water.  I have another outdoor-type watch that I’ve worn camping, swimming, etc., and a problem I commonly have is that it does not dry quickly, and causes some skin discomfort as it dries.  The poly band on the Leeway dries incredibly quickly, and does not cause any type of irritation to the skin.  

Everyday Wear

I wore the Leeway watch for a variety of daily activities.  One reservation I initially had about the watch was its thick case.  I was concerned that the watch would feel heavy, or cause discomfort when bending my wrist in certain ways. However, I did not find this to be the case with the Leeway.  It is a well-crafted watch that has clearly been tested and refined to maximize comfort without sacrificing design.  It is a great watch for comfort and all-day wear.

I also wore the watch for a few short day hikes, and even to climb mountains in Colorado.  It’s a durable watch with a secure fit, which makes it a great watch for hiking, swimming, and all kinds of outdoor adventure.  

Aulta Leeway Watch Review

The Leeway is a solid watch, and I think that it is a great value at only $105.  The only (potential) con I’ve found with this watch is that I’m not sure if you can buy replacement and alternative bands.  This may in fact be untrue, but I can’t find anywhere on their website to purchase them.  An easy fix, and I’m sure that they are planning to make this option, if indeed it is not already available.

The Aulta Leeway solves a unique problem.  Most classic watches, while good-looking, are not great in terms of durability and water resistance.  And most sport watches, while tough and durable, are not particularly beautiful.  The Leeway combines durability with design, making it a great versatile watch.  

I’m not sure if Clark Kent (Superman) wears a watch, but I think that the Leeway would suit him well.  He could wear it to work at the Daily Planet with his suit and tie, and not have to stop and change watches when crisis strikes Metropolis.  It's classy enough for Clark Kent, but rugged enough for Superman.  


Updated September 2018

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.