Eno Moonshine Lantern Review

By: Cary Bayless

Brewing Moonshine is illegal but thankfully owning the ENO Moonshine Lantern is not.  Just like the beverage it is named after, this compact little lantern packs a powerful punch to all dimly lit situations. For only $24.95 at retail price, this light has the potential to forever change the compact camping light game.

When I first took my lantern out of its package, I was surprised at how light it is. Weighing in at only 4oz (before adding the necessary 3 AAA batteries) this small light is perfect for scenarios where you want a strong light source but can’t weigh your pack down with anything heavy. The light fits in the palm of your hand but casts enough light to sufficiently brighten a medium sized camping area.

The lantern has a hook on the top that can easily hold onto any limb, hammock strap, tent line, or hook but can also be flattened so your lantern can sit on a table, in your lap, or rest under a waterbottle to create a fun larger lantern (see photo example below). WARNING: For some reason this little lantern created instant affliction within my puppy, I think she thought I was holding fire. If you have a dog of your own, guard your light fiercely so it does not become a chew toy!

After playing with the settings on my lantern I discovered it would be the perfect trail tool to use on the way to a shooting stand for hunters. The light has four lighting modes: 60 lumen white, dim white to increase battery life, red light to protect night vision, and a strobe light to serve as a stress signal or to start a campside rave. The red lighting feature to protect night vision is wonderful and would be the perfect tool for hunters stalking through the early morning woods.

Explorer Rating

I give the ENO Moonshine lantern 5/5 stars, check it out for yourself and get yours today!

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