BIGFOOT Triple Insulated Water Bottle Review

BIGFOOT Triple Insulated Water Bottle Review

A typical water bottle arrives in the mail and you open it, get a bit excited, put water in it and drink it. The EcoVessel Bigfoot water bottle arrives and you are blown away. 45 ounces of triple layer stainless steel water bottle ready for anything you can give it. The EcoVessel Bigfoot makes a big impression to match its name. This is not your run of the mill water bottle, this is the "I am prepared for anything" water bottle. 

Construction + Design

The design of this bottle is good and solid. It is a straight tank through and through. The bottle itself is built from high quality 18/8 stainless steel and is triple wall insulated. The bottle does actually keep things colds for 36 hours, but hot things stay comfortably hot for only 6 hours, and warm for about 2 more hours. 

BIGFOOT Triple Insulated Water Bottle Review

The bottle's real winner is in the lid area. The fact that this bottle has a built in strainer that you could use for tea or blocking ice is incredible. It is a seldom thought of feature that EcoVessel generously implemented. The bottle's cap also includes a filling hole and an easy drinking opening. The entire bottle feels good in your hands and has just the right balance between form and function. 


When it comes to usability the only glaring issue is the size and weight, but you should know this before purchase. At two pounds this bottle is hefty, with the bottle full, even heftier. The bottle itself works well if you have the strong arm to lift it. That being said it does follow through on hot and cold temperature management and one of the best aspects, it NEVER sweats! How nice it is to have a bottle in your bag that truly isn't drenching its surroundings. 

BIGFOOT Triple Insulated Water Bottle Review

Explorer Rating

This bottle comes through with an explorer rating of 5/5. If you are purchasing this large of a bottle, the weight issue shouldn't make you whine. You know what you are getting in to. A great bottle that offers a sturdy and well made build at a great price ($37.95). 

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Photo Credit // EcoVessel