Darkfin Original Split-Toe Bootee Review

By: Lisa Ertle

Darkfin Original Split-Toe Bootee Review

I’m a paddler. I’ve been paddling some sort of vessel for the last 35 years…  outrigger canoes, kayaks, surf-skies, more outrigger canoes, and, since 2006, Stand Up Paddleboards. I love being on the water! So, as you can imagine, I’m always excited when I discover new gear that makes paddling easier in the cooler months.

Darkfin Original Split-Toe Bootee Review

Darkfin Original Split-Toe Booties are amazingly versatile. They are made from natural latex rubber, and formed to size using molds created from actual feet. There are over 100 “bumps” formed on the bottom of each bootie for extra traction, and the split toe allows more toe movement, which is great for better balance.

I’m in, out, and on the water year round with my paddleboard business, so I get a lot of use from these booties. I’m able to wear them while paddling and have no issue walking around on my board while instructing. They are thin enough that I feel like I’m barefoot, yet, thick enough that they keep my feet warm in the cooler winter gulf waters.

I have to admit, I’m not one for wearing a whole bunch of gear when I paddle, so shoes, and surf booties were just not going to work for me. I fell in love with these split toe booties when I saw them, and just had to try them out! They truly fit my “minimalist” paddling style, and offer just enough protection for my feet when I’m out on the water, or running with boards across the parking lot trying to get to the water!

This is my second season using these booties. They are easy to care for, just rinse with fresh water and hang dry!

This company is family owned and operated in the USA. They have wonderful customer service, and a flat $3.00 shipping rate. I own the Original Split-Toe Bootee, at $24.00 a pair, they are easy on the budget. You can find them online at: www.darkfingloves.com/bootees

A Heavy Duty Split-Toe Bootee is also offered at a price of $29.00.



I’d really like to see them offer a second sizing option, or foot shape. If your toes are not the exact length of the bootee, you will have to go up in size, which means if your second toe is longer then your big toe, you’ll have to go up a couple of sizes larger then what you normally wear, or you will have uncomfortably squished toes.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I purchased this product, and offer my opinions based on my own experience.