VSSL Supplies Review

VSSL Supplies Review

The VSSL Supplies survival gear kit is full of quality gear that could help you survive the wild. The VSSL Supplies Kit comes encased in a 9-inch by 2-inch flashlight housing. The flashlight itself is a flood beam type light that can fill a campsite or a trail with light.  

The Supplies Kit comes with seven small tins that each contain small amounts of survival gear. I want to detail each tin that comes with the Supplies Kit and the pros and cons of the contents of it. 

Fishing Tackle Tin - The Fishing Tin is full of good stuff. It has a line, multiple hooks, and even fake bait to lure the fish in. The tin seems to be filled well and it has the potential to offer you a good opportunity at catching a fish. The only downside is that you really need a basic knowledge of fishing to use it at its best level. All the necessities included won't help if a good knot can't be tied. 

Rope and Razor Blade Tin - This tin is full of "Marine" level rope that has a high breaking point. Also included in the tin is a razor blade. This tin is of great use, as many situations where survival is the goal require rope and some cutting implement. 

Fire Starter and Mirror Tin - This tin is of high value. It includes matches, a piece of material for striking, and fire starters. One of the downsides to this fire starting kit is that if you run out of matches, you are in a bad place. A better inclusion might have been a magnifier that could use the sun for fire, or possibly a striking tool. It is not bad to have matches, it just might be better if it had another item that could be used over and over.

Wire Saw Tin - The wire saw tin is a great one! Getting good cuts and not exerting yourself more than needed is necessary in a dire survival situation. This wire saw could be hand used or could be attached to a bow like stick in order to make a bow saw. This is very helpful and a good use of space in this survival kit. 

Can Opener and Water Purification Tin - This tin is an interesting use of space. I understand the water purification tabs, you can even use the flashlight as a cup for water. I don't completely think there is a direct need for a can opener, not quite the key to survival. It is not bad to have, it might just not be necessary. A good addition to this tin could be a few thin filters to use in conjunction with the water purification tabs. Otherwise this tin is a good use of space.

First Aid and Mini Medical Kit Tin - The medical kit tin is useful, but has a potential to be more so. The contents seem as though they are prime for small to moderate and immediate needs. In the tin you find a few butterfly bandages, bandaids, an antibiotic pack, safety pins, and antiseptic wipes. This tin, although helpful, could have been packed a little different and become a little more usable, just by including some gauze and tape.

Trail Markers and Whistle Tin - This tin is fantastic and smart. These are two necessities that are extremely helpful in survival situations. The trail markers are the heaviest items in all the tins, however, I do believe they are worth it. Sadly the whistle is lackluster, is it a whistle? Yes. Will it be incredibly loud? Sadly it is not very shrill or loud. You might want to insert your own whistle here. 

The Candle - The candle is important for many reasons. It is a good size and will burn for long periods of time. The candle is also beneficial because it can offer heat or a longer term fire starter for you to use.

Overall, this Supplies Flashlight is a valuable survival kit to have. It offers survival gear that could get you through many instances that typical camping or hiking gear might not. The kit even comes with instructions that tells you great ways to use the included equipment. The VSSL Supplies kit has the potential to take you from a bumbling fool who isn't ready for anything, to a wise, outdoors master who knows to be ready for the worst! What do you think of the VSSL Supplies Flashlight Survival Kit? Would you buy it? 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.