Voke Tab Review

The Voke Tabs are one of a kind. Their origin comes from the need for a caffeine type intake; without all the spills, stains, and inconvenience of carrying a coffee mug around while being adventurous. The tabs come in tins of 7 tabs each and the company offers a variety of options when buying. One would truly want to consider a subscription or membership when purchasing, it offers great discounts. 

The Voke Tabs are full of a wide range of beneficial ingredients, this is one of the best parts of the tabs. They are set apart from other supplements because it isn't just a caffeine pill or a vitamin C pill. This little tab is packed full of vitamin C, caffeine, and many more healthy ingredients. The tab is said to help with focus, memory, and endurance.  

My own experience with the Voke Tab is a good one. I tried the Voke Tabs in various circumstances such as driving, hiking, desk work, and other day-to-day activities. After taking the Voke Tab I noticed quickly, that any haze of sleepiness went away. The Voke Tab energized me and gave me the bump of energy that I needed for each activity. When comparing the Voke Tab to coffee I did notice that I felt a bit clearer and less foggy. The Voke Tab didn't leave the coffee smell in my mouth, nor did it color my teeth brown. 

One aspect that I wasn't to fond of was that the tab tasted like a natural cough medicine. It took multiple times of taking it before I started to get used to the taste. Even then I still am not geared up for the initial flavor and aftertaste it leaves in my mouth. 


Overall the Voke Tab is a fantastic, healthy energy option for those needing it. The low profile tin allows it to go anywhere with you. Also the energy kick you feel is a good one, not one that you will feel a crash from later and regret taking. These are my thoughts about the Voke Tab. What are yours? Share your thoughts and then go check out Voke Tab's website! 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.