Avex Wells Autospout and Avex Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle Review

By: Collin Guernsey

Avex Wells Autospout and Avex Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle Review

 The Avex Wells Autospout  and Brazos Autoseal water bottles are cleverly designed and fit perfectly in hand. They offer a few smart updates that many water bottles of this type do not include. The Avex Wells Autospout and Brazos Autoseal come in many color options and come in at a comfortable price tag for any average user. 

Design and Construction Wells Autospout

The Avex Wells Autospout is well designed and constructed. Many water bottles with a suck on spout and straw do not offer easy cleaning capabilities. This bottle does! The straw easily detaches from the lid and makes cleaning a cinch. The bottle itself is also top rack dishwater friendly which makes cleaning a breeze. 

Another aspect of the design that really blows other water bottles of this style away is the "lid" to the spout. Many spouts of other bottles are open to the air, dirt, sand and many other not so tasty substances. The Avex Wells Autospout solves that issue by including a small cover to the spout of the bottle.

 One last design benefit of this bottle is the built in handle. It appears strong and easily attaches to a carabiner, fits in your hand, and folds down easily when you're not using it.  

Design and Construction Brazos Autoseal

The design and construction of the Avex Brazos Autoseal water bottle is very similar to that of the Wells Autospout. It has a built in cover for the smaller spout and has the exact same handle and bottle structure. 

One area it is different is the lack of straw. The bottle is built with a seal instead of a spout, the upside of this is not having to clean the straw, the downside of this is not being able to just suck the water trough the straw. 

Avex Wells Autospout and Avex Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle Review

Usability Wells Autospout

So does this water bottle live up to its great design? In many ways, yes. The bottle is truly easy to clean, and it doesn't get too dirty. It is hardy to multiple drops and it fits well in your hand. In these ways it does a great job. 

A few ways the bottle could improve. When preparing to press the button to release the drinking tube, prepare also for a slight splash of water in your face. If you didn't get it dry after the last drink, sometime the power of the flip makes the bottle spray a bit. 

Avex Wells Autospout and Avex Brazos Autoseal Water Bottle Review

Also, you will want to make sure that the straw is oriented just right when you put the lid on. In many instances I would finish tightening the lid and go to take a drink. When I began to drink it would be hard to get much water. The straw is flat on the bottom and easily can rest on the bottom of the bottle causing no water to be able to come up the straw. 

Neither of these issues are deal breakers. However, they are things to think about when searching for the perfect water bottle! 

Usability Brazos Autoseal

The Brazos Autoseal offers very similar functionality as the Wells Autospout. One of the biggest benefits to the Brazos Autoseal is that when opening the seal it doesn't generally flip water at you. 

The Brazos Autoseal is easy to use and leak proof to the max!  

Ultimately these two bottles are very similar to each other. They offer structures that are the same rigidity while offering different lid types for different uses. When purchasing you will want to factor in what lid you prefer in the long run. They both offer quality with little to no issues. You may just want to purchase these for your next hike, camping trip, or trek around the world! Truly these two bottles are well worth your time, comment what you think below!