Cary Bayless's Favorite Explorer Gear - Tenkara Sato Rod

The cicadas in Chattanooga, TN are in the pinnacle of their summer orchestra during the end of July and any local knows that when the cicadas are singing, the fish are biting. Chattanooga is a beautifully diverse area located in the foothills of the Appalachians in Southeastern Tennessee. At the start of the summer, I made the transition from rod and reel to a fly fishing pole. The Tenkara Sato Rod is every fisherman’s dream. At a competitive price that even a 24-year-old young professional can afford, you receive the pole, line, flies, and a handy carrying case.

Fly-fishing is an ageless art form, but with the Tenkara rod, the art of fly-fishing is gifted with the opportunity to return to its roots. One rod, one line, no reel - that is what makes Tenkara unique and worth your time. Tenkara takes fisherman back to the beginning when it was man, rod, line, bait, and fish. The exclusion of a reel may make many apprehensive, but after months of catching fish with this set-up I can promise you it is worth the transition! When you catch a fish with a Tenkara rod, it is a unique battle to get the fish to shore that makes the fight even more fun. I enjoy the compact body of the Tenkara system because you can pack the rod into your backpack and reach areas otherwise unattainable with bigger rigs.

In the Tenkara fishing community, the idea of having a “#freehand” is a big plus. Without having to use one hand to manage the rod and one the reel, you have one hand free to hold a beer, puppy, camera, or a snack! I love taking my 9-month-old hound dog puppy with me on my outdoor explorations and without the Tenkara #freehand capability, it wouldn’t be a possibility, even though having a puppy on a leash and a fish on the line is a challenge in and of itself. If you are looking for a new adventure to add to your fishing repertoire, I recommend investing in the Tenkara fly fishing community with the Sato rod. As John Steinbeck says, “It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” Don’t let the fish beat you. Follow the cicada’s call and pursue your next fishing adventure with a Tenkara rod!

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