Maxcraft 3 Watt LED Mini Multilight with Headband Review

Maxcraft 3 Watt LED Mini Multilight with Headband Review

The Maxcraft LED Multilight and Headlamp is powerful little flashlight. I received it and immediately was impressed. The flashlight comes in a simple pack that was easy to open. The headlamp is included and is very simple to attach to the flashlight. It merely slides into two tight loops that are also lightly glowing so you can see them at night. One aspect of this that I didn't like was how tight the loops were and how the pocket clip on the flashlight hindered a smooth attachment (The clip can be removed, but that seemed more of a hassle than it was worth in the moment). The attachment is easy, but frustratingly sticky. 

I wasn't expecting much from what I thought was a inexpensive hardware store headlamp. I was blown away by the comfort of the headpiece. It was far more comfortable than many headlamps that I have tried. It also allowed for a wide degree of uses. You can use the light on the front of your head and it allows for up and down pointing mobility, but not side to side. 

I appreciate this flashlight most for its versatility. It allows for you to not only use it as a headlamp, but also as a pocket light, magnet attached light, and a hand use light. It is powerful and gives off a slightly focused, strong beam. The flashlight comes with six operation methods different levels of light and even ones that send out distress beams. 


  1. Sticky and frustrating headlamp attachment
  2. Weaker magnetic base, allowing for possible sliding or falling
  3. No middle of head over-strap


  1. "On" button is glow in the dark
  2. The Flashlight has a sturdy Aluminum build
  3. Only costs $19.99, extremely competitive pricing

Overall, this Maxcraft LED Multilight is well equipped and functions great. It has the perfect balance between wide and narrow light paths and is perfect for your next late night hike, camping trip and much more. There are a few issues that might make you think twice about buying it for some purposes. However, most of the little hiccups can be overcome with a little patience and the right usage. What are your thoughts on the Maxcraft 3 Watt LED Mini Multilight with Headband? Share them below!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.