Aerobie Aeropress Review

When you think adventure and coffee, a variety of concepts come to mind. That boiling pot over the fire, the percolator your grandpa gave you, and grounds at the bottom of your coffee. While those thoughts may bring up good memories, they don't apply well to making your coffee enjoyable. When I think of camp coffee, I think of I don't want gross coffee with campfire bits on it, even if it puts hair on my chest.  

The Aerobie Aeropress solves this gross, group heavy coffee dilemma. The Aeropress is a quick and easy coffee maker for on-the-go, fine coffee.  

Construction and Design

The Aeropress is well made with thick, durable plastic. Though it has many pieces, they are all easy to fit together and easy to clean. One of the best parts about this build is the plastic, many coffee makers built for portability are glass or porcelain. This can be thrown in a backpack without a fear that it will be broken or crushed before the next cup of joe is needed. 

Another feature of this coffee make that is great, is the carrying case; an easy zip bag that fits everything in and allows you to keep track of all the pieces. A few downfalls to this case though, it is not very durable, it is not waterproof and everything needs to fit in just right. So good idea, poor quality for the avid explorer. 

Pro Tip - for the weekend trip, buy a small dry bag and put all of your coffee supplies in it. It will make your life better! 

The final note on build is that there are many pieces to the maker, though it all fits together well, it does make it easy to lose some and hard to even know what some are used for. For the extended hiker or traveler it may be wise to put aside some less needed pieces in the interest of weight and frustration management. 


The Aeropress rates well for usability. It is simple-ish to operate and has detailed instructions you should read before using. The actual time spent making the drink is actually very quick and depends mostly on water heating time. Both preparation of the press and the pressing action take little to no time.  

The usability is a win and the coffee is a win. This coffee is darn smooth and will redefine camp coffee for generations to come. Say goodbye to the grounds, the percolator and say hello to new memories created around the fire with a tasty cup-o-Joe in hand.  

Explorer Rating  

This piece of gear receives a 4 out of 5 on the Explorer Gear Rating. It is well made and only lacks in the fact that the case could be made better and the pieces are easy to misplace and get frustrated with. 

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