Merkware Fire Starting Kit & Tools Review

Merkware Fire Starting Kit & Tools Gear Review

The Emberlit Firstarter came along with the Emberlit Stove and I was ecstatic. I felt like the jackpot had been hit and I would immediately be able to make fire!  The kit comes with a Fresnel Lens, a steel striker, jute rope, a flint rock, and cotton rope. It comes in at $29.99 and offers everything you would need to start a fire naturally. 

Design and Construction

The design of this kit is superb. It comes well coiled and fits well in the tin they send with it. The kit offers a wide range of fire starting resources. 

The kit is constructed well. However the supplies will eventually run out, causing you to have to purchase more fire making supplies.

The best designed and constructed piece of this kit is the Fresnel Lens. It is perfectly built to create a fire using sunlight and you can reuse it over and over again. 


Merkware Fire Starting Kit & Tools Gear Review

The usability level is where I ran into frustrations. Though the kit is seemingly built well and designed incredibly, the user friendliness of the kit is lacking.  

When purchasing I didn't expect it to be as easy as pie. However, I didn't quite expect it to be as difficult as it was. Using the flint and steel, I was barely able to get sparks and after trying for half an hour, I gave up on all fire creation. I tried many different materials for the spark to catch fire on including, dry leaves and char cloth. 

The one aspect of the kit that shined was the Fresnel. It worked like a charm and with 30 seconds to a minute of direct flame, fire was made! Definitely a great piece of gear to carry, and it fits in your wallet!  

Explorer Rating   

Ultimatley this kit gets an explorer rating of 3 out of 5. The kit is well constructed and designed well, but it is difficult to use and overall does not offer a great fire creation replacement.