LuminAid Packlite 16 Review

The LuminAid Packlite 16 is a powerful light in the dark. I was excited to check it out and run it through a few tests. The LuminAid Packlite 16 is a surprising little solar light. The light is well designed and handles well in multiple circumstances. The Packlite 16 functions best when blown up and has multiple light level settings for added versatility. The Packlite 16 blows up in a matter of seconds, just like a pool float! 

We used the Packlite 16 in a camping situation. It functioned as our cooking light, our tent light, and a carry around lantern. It offers the versatility we needed and it gave off just enough light to be useful, without burning through batteries. The Packlite 16 was able to charge with very little light and worked for hours on end. I appreciated the multiple levels of light as well as the handy design that offered a handle to attach to different things. The pillow aspect even allowed it to be wedged in places that a normal flashlight or lantern wouldn't work in. 

I was a little frustrated while using it, that the handle didn't have a method of attachment to string, cord etc. I really would have like to have a strap of some sort to tie it to different things. Also, it would be nice in future models to include a battery level gauge. We had no idea when it was going to run out of battery life and would've liked to know. 


  • Charging is difficult/slow in some sunlight situations
  • The light is not targeted and thus loses some brightness


  • Easy portability
  • Great for survival situations
  • It floats



Ultimately the LuminAid Packlite 16 is a fantastic survival light as well as camp light. It is full of light options and offers a unique portability. I don't know of any other lights that are made in a pillow form and offer sunlight charging. This little guy might be just the right piece of gear to make your trip both successful and safe! What do you think about it? Comment below!   

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.