Peregrine Radama Tent Review

Online, the Peregrine Radama shows as a first rate portable and versatile tent. They offer 4 different 1-4 person sized tents. They start at $129 and go on up to $229 for the largest size. I received the 4 person Radama tent for testing. I wanted to put it through its paces. In order to do that, I planned a camping weekend with my wife and our friends.

The Construction and Design of The Radama Tent

The construction of the Peregrine Radama is fantastic. It comes packaged in a durable bag which is much nicer than a typical tent packaging, it fits well and travels well. The tent itself is constructed well with aluminum poles and sturdy polyester walls and rain fly.

The design of the tent is intuitive and built for a user friendly camping experience. Putting the tent together took no more than 10 minutes the first time we put it up. The 'Jakes Foot' attachments were better than I had heard, that snap together system is far better than in any tent I have ever had.

Another design note to mention is the gear loft. You'd never know how useful a gear loft is until you have one. We used our Luminaid Lantern in the gear loft and lit our tent up easily, without any lantern hanging issues.

The Peregrine Radama's Usability

The Peregrine Radama is a uniquely usable tent. With the 4 person tent, it was quite a bit more roomy than expected. Typically for a weekend camping trip with a generic box store tent, you see 4 person and think 2 person. But this tent was truly roomy enough for 4 and it has two side entrances as well.

When fully staked down, the tent does take up quite a large footprint, but it is the perfect size and makes for entering and exiting the tent easy.

I was shocked when the tent was as easy as it was to put up and work with. It felt like they thought through each step very well and built the tent for the quick setup. They even have an option to setup only the rain fly and floor for a quicker and lighter option for extended hikes where weight matters.

Another aspect of tents that is extremely important is how the rain fly and waterproof functions work, the tent truly came through from this angle as well. None of our gear and neither of us got wet (it rained through both nights that we camped!!) and we stayed warm on two cold nights.

Explorer Rating of The 4 Person Tent

Overall this tent hits all points of what it claims. I give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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