Picky Bars Review

Picky Bars Gear Review

I was excited to receive the email from Picky Bars saying they would send some for reviewing. I love protein bars, energy bars, and the like, but one of the biggest issues is the balance of taste and health. Too healthy and you have a bar that tastes like grass, dirt and rocks (not my kinda flavor). Too tasty and you have a bar that doesn't offer much health or energy benefits, just a tasty treat with a quick sugar crash. 

Picky Bars

I received the bars in one of their neatly designed packages and began taste testing. The bars toted the line of tasty and healthy. Though they don't all taste 100% delectable, I still enjoyed them and was able to continue my hiking with full energy. I hiked the Natural Bridge in Kentucky and the Yellow Springs Trails in Ohio with a healthy amount of energy due to these little bars. 

My personal favorites are the Cookie Doughpness and the Need For Seed. Like I said above, they aren't a snack you can liken to a treat, but they are a healthy, tasty, and energy-giving morsel to enhance your day hike or even your local errands. 

Picky Bars Natural Bridge

Two more things I really like about these bars. One, is that they have set up a fantastic system of offering monthly subscriptions. Who wants to figure out what type of bar they want at the store anymore? Too. Many. Choices. With Picky Bars website, you can simplify your shopping trips, purchase the bars online, and get them dropped right at your door. I was the benefactor of one of these packages and let me tell you, the excitement to open and look through all the flavors was real. Also, at cheapest, the bars only cost about $2 each. 

Picky Bars All-in-almond

The second thing I really like about these bars is the stories they encompass. Each different bar highlights a different story from a different explorer, too cool! Ultimately these bars are good for you, fun to receive, fun too eat, and a good PICK! Get it? 

Check them out on their website and learn more about Picky Bars. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.