Rumpl High Performance Blanket Review

Rumpl High Performance Blanket Gear Review

We received the Rumpl Charcoal Puffy Blanket and were excited to open the package as it arrived. When I found out about Rumpl, I immediately wanted to try out their blankets. That material is so comfortable in jackets and sleeping bags, I just knew it would be in a blanket as well. 

Construction and design

The construction of this blanket is superb. Made of rip stop nylon and made to withstand everything; a long hike or a campsite could throw at it. During my testing of this blanket, I spilled coffee and more on it, had it right next to fire for two days and had it in our tent for sleeping. The construction never failed me.

Rumpl High Performance Blanket Gear Review

The design is also not something I expected. It is designed well and even fits back into the bag it came in. I appreciated the attention to detail in the blanket, I also appreciated that it was built to be used heavily. Designed and built well, check! 


The vast possibilities when it comes to usability is impressive. This blanket can go from cabin fireside to hilltop fireside and serve you just as well in both situations. Stay warm and dry wherever you go. We tested the blanket both from the comfort of our home, but also a frigid, rainy camping weekend. It was legit. A comfy fleece or flannel blanket has nothing on this Rumpl.

Rumpl High Performance Blanket Gear Review

Explorer Rating

I have to rate this at a 5 out of 5. I am always impressed when a product follows through on all claims and the Rumpl does. It is built for multi-use and won't let you down. 

Please note, they didn't pay me to say any of this. It really is a great product that could be a valuable addition to your pack or even just the back of your car.