VSSL First Aid Kit Review

VSSL First Aid Kit Gear Review

VSSL offers a variety of survival kits, this one happens to be the most comprehensive first aid kit. The kit comes in their standard silver tube with a flashlight on one end and a compass on the other. We love this aspect of all VSSL Kits- the flashlight especially comes in handy often!  

Construction and Design 

VSSL First Aid

The construction of this kit is great. It offers a waterproof canister that is used to its fullest potential. It is difficult to even put it all back in the case after taking it out because there are so many pieces packed in. The pieces are all sealed well and offer a high amount of instruction to any lay person who will be in need of this kit. In addition to a quality construction, it is also well designed. It is intuitive, easy to use, and everything is put where you would expect for simple and quick access. 


Constructed well, designed well, and truly usable. That is one equation you don't generally see in a survival kit. This kit has all of the necessities you would need in almost any non-traumatic first aid instance. Each of the individual packages is neatly labeled for the most accurate usages you have gauze, tape, antiseptic towels, butterfly bandages, and pain relief. That is only a small sampling of the full kit, but it gives you an idea of the breadth that the kit covers. 

VSSL First Aid Kit

Explorer Rating

Overall I give the kit a 5 out of 5 on the explorer gear rating. It is a quality kit that you should have with you in any exploration you set out on.

From the smallest splinter to a knife gash, this kit has you set and ready. One suggestion I have before you use this kit is that you should read through all of the content on each piece before going out to a potentially hazardous situation. When faced with those instances the last thing you want to be doing is using the wrong piece of the kit for the wrong need. 




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