The GCI Wilderness Recliner Review

GCI Wilderness Recliner

The wilderness recliner is produced by GCI Outdoor and is sold through a variety of retailers at $60. I was excited to review this chair as I have always struggled to find the ideal, comfortable chair. Cheap camping chairs always poke and prod you and generally aren't a solution for a long term sit. 

Construction and Design

GCI Wilderness Recliner

The construction of the wilderness recliner is high quality aluminum. As a bit bigger of a guy I always like to make sure the chair is built with support. The GCI recliner is certainly made well. It is rated for 300 lbs and coming in at 210 myself I am very comfortable and have no fears of dropping through the seat. 

The construction is followed up well by a well designed chair. It is built for comfortability and ease of use. Only one strap stands between you and being a bit more reclined. 

One aspect I'm not too big of a fan of is the straps for carrying. They are simply difficult to work and are incredibly uncomfortable. The chair itself is a bit weighty and does not offer a great level of portability.


The GCI recliner is a winner in the usability category. It offers a comfortable seat with adjustable reclining ability and lower back support. To put the chair to the test I set it up by the fire and in my home office and sat in it for long periods of time. The results, a happy back and bum.

The chair also includes a built in cup holder and pouch under the seat of the chair for stowing your phone or other valuables. 

GCI Wilderness Recliner

Explorer Rating 

The explorer rating for this chair comes in at a 4 out of 5! We love it and it truly is comfortable, but the ease and comfort of carrying is a little lacking.