Great State Camera Hand Strap Review

Great State Camera Hand Strap Review

Upon receiving the camera strap from Great State Strap Co., I was very excited. While you know what’s in the box, there is a bit of Christmas morning anticipation opening the package. They score on both packaging and building anticipation. 

Great State does a great job keeping it a secret at what exactly is in the box until opening and unwrapping the nicely folded paper to finally reveal the simple, yet extraordinary camera strap.

The box and logo on the box is well designed.  I could not resist inspecting the strap and looking at all the care and detail they take in crafting a nicely designed camera strap. Not only is it a basic strap, it is comfortable, strong, and adjustable. 


The leather was very well crafted and sturdy and the edges are finished well. I enjoyed using the strap on my camera and it looked great to boot. One of my favorite aspects of the strap is that it is adjustable. Whatever my needs were at the moment, I was able to fit the strap well to them. 


At $39.00 this strap is a bit pricey, but you won't regret the purchase and it sure does beat the typical nylon camera strap any average joe could purchase at any local store. The strap would make for a great gift for your camera loving friend. The company also offers a healthy variety of other straps that could also accomadate any camera situation. Ultimately for a USA made piece of fine goods, this is a winner. We rate it a 5 out of 5 on the Explorer Rating!