4id PowerSpurz Light up Heel Review

By: Monica Bowen

Being safe while I am running is very important and I am very impressed with this shoe light. Not only is it simple and easy to use, but also it makes me so visible to traffic while I run. Most of my miles are run before daylight on country roads, so using this light has made me feel 100% confident that I will be noticed by traffic coming from both directions.


The LED light is so bright (but doesn’t hurt your eyes) and can be seen from a great distance away, which hopefully will encourage the drivers to slow down before they pass me. The option to have it be a steady light or a blinking light is a nice feature and the button is so easy to push. The shoe light is very durable, yet so lightweight that I don’t even notice it while I run. I feel like it is designed well enough that it becomes part of my shoe and not something that is highly noticed.

I appreciate the pictures on the packaging that show me how to wear it so that it fits properly. If the directions are followed, the shoe light will not move during your activity. Do not slide it on or off your shoe or you will tear the shoe material. Gently pull out on the two sides just wider than the back of your heel and place it on your shoe. The compression feature and the teeth keep the shoe light in place. The teeth that grip the shoe seem to be the right depth because they hold the light in place, but do not make permanent marks on your shoe. Each time I have worn the light, it has been on my shoe for over 1 hour and when I take the light off, there are tiny indentations on the shoe, but they go away quickly.  

I was pleased to find that this shoe light is weather resistant because gear with this feature allows it to be part of my daily running attire. Just this week I was running in the rain and the light continued to shine! Another nice feature about this shoe light is that it will last 70-100 hours on 2 batteries…that’s a lot of potential outdoor activity! I would highly recommend this shoe light from 4id!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.