Feetures! Elite Merino + Light Cushion (Crew) Sock Review

By: Scott Huck

Feetures Elite Merino Review

I like the look of these socks and they are well designed! You typically don't think too heavily about your sock choice, but these socks may change your mind and push you to think twice before you buy two dollar socks again.

Since the socks are anatomically designed, it is important which foot the sock goes on, they illuminate any guess by putting an L and R on the corresponding sock near the toe for easy identification.

One of the things I love most about Feetures! is that they pride themselves with targeted support in the arch in all of their socks. This is incredibly helpful and truly helps for long treks. 

Another benefit of this sock is that while it is sold as a runners sock, it has extra cushion which makes the socks versatile. Whether you wear them to hike a day-hike or to run a marathon, you'll be loving these socks. 

They call the Elite their most technically advanced sock. After wearing the socks for a long day, I observed the socks allowed my feet to breathe and they did not get sweaty. The socks are very comfortable! The patent pending arch support (Power Arch) does give a great deal of support and it feels like my feet are being hugged, yet not smothered! 

I have never concerned myself with choosing the correct sock height. I’ve always liked ankle socks and wear them as much as I can. But after going through the Feetures website, it is very interesting how sock height can play an “important role in protection, comfort, and therapeutic benefits to the foot and leg.”  

The only drawback would be that you would be hard-pressed to go to a store to find these socks. You would be better off shopping for them on their very well designed and laid out website at:


Ultimately I give them a thumbs up! Are they built for everything? No, but you can certainly use them to explore better!