Klecker Knives Slice (TG-14) Review | Why The The Tanto Blade?

By: James Veldt

I love knives! There, I said it.  Even though they all boil down to just a handle and a blade, I find the difference designs and mechanisms and utility of them to be an art.  I (almost) never leave home without one, and can't recall the last day I went without using my pocket knife for one thing or another; whether it is for work, or trimming a fingernail, or much to my wife's chagrin, cutting my dinner.

I recently received a Klecker Knives “Slice.”  It is a slender gentleman's every day carry knife. It is a lock-back flipper featuring a 3.4” recurve tanto blade.  The design is striking and minimalist, with the patented “Klecker Lock” built into the scales reducing the number of parts needed.  The scales are milled with a stylistic rendering of the American flag.  

The Knife took some repetition and use before I was able to consistently get it to flip open all the way, but after several weeks of use, it feels smoother and more natural.  The blade was absolutely razor sharp out of the box and in the short amount of use has retained the edge quite well.  I feel most comfortable with knives in the 3.5'' blade length, they just seem to be the most useful, practical size for me, and the slenderness of this knife is quite nice to cut down on the bulky feeling when wearing dress pants.  The build feels solid, the blade is well centered and there is only the very slightest vertical play with the blade locked open. It does include a lanyard hole if that is your thing.   

Although I'm not the biggest fan of lock-back knives because they are not conducive to closing one handed, I do appreciate the minimalist approach and engineering that went into this unique locking mechanism.  The website describes the pocket clip as deep carry and reversible, but I would not describe it as deep, and cannot for the life of me see how it would be reversible, as there isn't any milling on the opposite scale for attachment.  After carrying for several weeks I do see on particular spot that the blue finish is showing some signs of wear.  

All in all it is a solid knife at a mid-price point.  Just as a matter of principle I would be happier with the price were it produced domestically rather than overseas, but politics aside I would say it is a fair price for a good knife especially if you find it under MSRP.  I love the story of the Klecker family, father and son, starting this company together and sharing a passion.



I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.