The North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag Review

By: Danya Schwertfeger

Being an adventure photographer means that you have to have good, durable, and versatile gear. The North Face Base Camp Duffle is vital as you’re constantly trying to save money and space with everything.

I really like the idea of a duffle bag or a dry bag as it collapses down to fit in small spaces or into bigger bags, this is extremely important when packing for back to back trips when you know you have to consolidate bags along the way.

My current bag is about four years old and has traveled around the world on climbing, snowboarding, surf, and work trips. It has a good water resistance so whether you are sitting on the side of a road waiting for a hitch in the pouring rain or on a small wooden boat in the middle of the Indian ocean you know your stuff will stay dry.

North Face Base Camp Duffle Gear Review

The zipper, this is the part that in my opinion should get the most credit, it’s never failed once, no matter how full the bag was, personally I’ve never used a lock on the zipper but if you’re the sort of person who likes to lock their bags up, this can be done.

The daisy chain around the whole bag lets you strap the bag to a car or a camel with ease and reinforces the whole bag from all sides. Which leads me to the additional straps at the front and back of the bag, which makes the bag super easy to handle, sliding in and out of cars or on and off baggage reclaim conveyor belts.

The shoulder straps are useful for carrying the bag on your back, from the house to the car, or on to a train, but if you’re thinking of taking it hiking, talking from my own experience I strongly suggest against that as it will cause you problems.

The North Face Gear Review

Having said this, the straps can be used as head straps instead which will let you carry the bag like a sherpa, although I don’t suggest doing that either.

Inside is simple, just a empty bag, there is a mesh picket in the opening flap which fits a 13” computer or dirty washing, the bag could do with an extra pocket or two for small things which otherwise will get lost somewhere close to the bottom of the bag.

Let us know what you think of your North Face Base Camp Duffle!