Hoodworks Launches GearGate™ for Toyota Tacoma

Here at Explorer Gear we are committed to consistently sharing new and exciting gear with you. We are excited to be sharing a new development in gear with you today. Hoodworks, a company out of Portland, Oregon is launching their GearGate for Toyota Tacoma. 

The Toyota Tacoma holds quite a grip in the cycling industry and in response to that and many requests from avid cyclists, Hoodworks is announcing this new GearGate.  Now if you want to stop reading now and just go buy one... just kidding, we wouldn't send you away that soon. Check out how it looks on the Tacoma. 

Key new features for the Tacoma GearGate™ 

Slimmer profile to better fit the look of the Toyota truck

Single, longer locking chain for easy gear security

Metal Top Rail and integrated bottle openers

Bedliner Style weather-resistant interior surface

Sealed top and side edges and corners

 Upgraded static LED lighting system (top rail, bed interior, rear-facing) 

Toyota Tacoma Truck
Hoodworks Tailgate

This GearGate also has the potential to upgrade the usefulness of your truck in many new ways as the future unfolds for Hoodworks. Hoodworks is working directly with case manufacturers to be able to hold large outdoor items in the gate such as bows, long guns, fishing rods, snowboards, etc. With trucks already being the work horses of many explorer's lives, this could be the perfect addition to yours. 

Trucks are coming out with step ups, lights, and more in their tailgates nowadays, but nothing has quite shown itself to be the "Swiss Army Knife" of tailgates that Hoodworks claims to have on their hands. See a bit more about the GearGate in general on their most recent video

If you have been thinking through this entire post that you have to have it, can't go the rest of the day without ordering it, you are in luck! Go check out the Hoodworks crowd funding page and buy one. The orders are set for delivery in March and April and we are thinking you won't be disappointed!