FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Clothing Line Review

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Clothing Line Review

By: Monica Bowen

A girl, clothes, and diamonds...those go together, right? Well, so far I haven’t been asked to review any diamonds, but I was able to review many items from the new FALKE clothing line. A girl can never have too many clothes so it was a lot of fun.

Since I am a girl that likes to be active, runs, and exercises, these clothes fit right into my lifestyle. FALKE is a company from the UK that produces an active style clothing line.  One could wear their clothes at any sport, any time, any place. I personally chose to wear their clothes while I worked out and ran a few miles, along with under my regular clothes on a cold, windy day.

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Clothing Line Review

The comfort level of these clothes rates very high in my opinion. The clothes are made from materials that allow them to stretch, but are so incredibly soft. This softness is something that is rarely found in other active wear that has compression.  I noticed this feature the second I put on the clothes! These clothes also help regulate your body temperature!

There is one thing about this clothing line that I don’t understand though. Each piece of clothing has a L and a R on the outside of each sleeve or pant leg. I didn’t mind this when the clothes were always worn underneath something, but it was a serious drawback for me to wear them out in public.

FALKE will be with me on the casual run, my daily exercise, skiing in Vail, and someday hiking the AP (hopefully).  There are several different styles to choose from for any type of activity. Try them out sometime!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.