By Ryan Fullerton

ALFA SUP is a paddleboard company located in Springfield Missouri. Although the 2016 ALFA SUP line includes 14 different board styles for this review I will only be discussing the 5 inflatables.

Of all the ALFA SUP inflatables, which I have tested all, there is one board that stands out in all conditions. The ALFA SUP Banshee is 11’X33”X4.5” but when deflated conveniently it rolls up and fits in a backpack along with a repair kit, pump and three piece paddle. The size of the Banshee makes it very stable while maintaining a fast glide. For the explorer whose conditions are always changing this is the board for you. The Banshee is a solid board for people of all sizes and abilities as well as performs well for touring, surfing, white water, or SUP yoga/fitness.

If your goal on the water is to take overnight SUP trips or to have a board meant for fishing and boufishihg, then the ALFA SUP Predator is the board for you. The Predator is 12’X35”X5” when fully inflated. The size of this board and it’s nine tie downs make this board perfect for hauling gear, coolers, man's best friend, etc. With a board width of 35” this is one of the most stable inflatables on the market. The Predator also has the highest durablitiy rating of all the ALFA SUP inflatables thanks to an extra layer of heavy duty PVC on the rails and underside of the board. If you’re looking for a lightweight board that can handle the harshest of elements, the ALFA SUP Predator is your board.


The ALFA SUP Blur comes in at 12’X31”X5” and is a race/touring inflatable SUP. The Blur’s sleek shape, design and lightweight give this board a fast glide and great maneuverability. The Blur gives you the speed of an epoxy board with the convenience of an inflatable.

The ALFA SUP VooDoo is a unique inflatable board. The VooDoo measures in at 9’8”X36”X5” and was designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers looking for adventure in all classes of white water. The VooDoo’s maneuverability also makes it fun in the surf.

Finally, the ALFA SUP Groove is the last of the 2016 ALFA SUP inflatables. The Groove is 10’6”X34”X4.5” and is a very fun SUP that is easy to paddle. This board is very stable no matter what water you are in which makes it very beginner friendly. The Groove is a great beginner board, but excels as a yoga and fitness board.