FresheTech FresheBuds Buetooth Wireless Ear Bud Review

Freshetech bluetooth earbuds

By: Anna Heiden

Headphones of any brand never seem to stay in my ears, even if I'm sitting still in the car listening to music, they tend to fall out. However, these Freshebuds did not fall out once! I was able to run with these headphones in the entire duration of exercise without any discomfort or frustration. They even blocked out all excess noise!


Throughout my runs, I didn't even notice I had headphones in because of the high comfort level. Prior to using these Freshebuds, I will admit, I was a little skeptical and concerned that the earpieces may have been too bulky. However, my worries were diminished once I began using them and I was very satisfied with them overall. They were comfortable and efficient.

It was so nice to exercise without getting tangled up in chords or without re-inserting my earpiece every step. These headphones are easy to charge and charge rather quickly, while keeping battery life a good amount of time. The only slightly misshap with these headphones was how to turn the power on and off. I had to look up directions online to figure it out. Other than this confusion, the headphones are a great product coming in at just $100 which is on the high side, but not awful for quality Bluetooth headphones.  I will surely be taking these with me every time I go out for a jog!