YECUP 365 ­Your Wireless All-season Smart Mug

Yecup Technologies, has recently announced the release of its flagship product: The Yecup 36­ the only temperature adjustable mug that allows you to cool down or heat up n drink on the go and eep it at a consistent temperature throughout the day. sing patented boiling and cooling technology, the Yecup smart mug can be used all year round and excludes the need for other mugs. Yecup has made their mug available via a pre­order campaign on Indiegogo for $109 (12oz version). The Yecup smart mug will begin shipping in September 2016.

Here at Explorer gear we love to see new and innovative products rise to the occasion. Yecup seems to be no exception and that is why we wanted to put this in front of you! What better way to explore better than an awesome and intuitive mug!

At the office, camping, in the car or at home? With Yecup 365’s leak­proof and highly portable mug you can simply pour your preferred drink and cool it down or boil it in minutes, on the go. You can control the temperature of your drink manually or from your smartphone. Yecup 365 will hold your desired temperature all day long! A bonus!ith Yecup you can forget about low­battery issues. Yecup doubles as a portable charger and can charge your phone or tablet up to 3 times a day!

YECUP 365 ­Your Wireless All-season Smart Mug

As a bonus, with Yecup you can forget about low­ battery issues. The Yecup 365 doubles as a portable charger and can charge your phone or tablet up to 3 times a day (depending on device capacity)!

“I created Yecup 365 to give people the freedom to enjoy their drinks anywhere they choose at their prefered temperature for as long as they wanted”, said co­founder and CEO Vigen Sanahyan, “With Yecup’s patented temperature­control technology, beautiful design and simple user experience, people will only need to have one mug for all seasons.”

How does Yecup 365 Work?

Yecup can be controlled on its own with special built­-in buttons on the mug, or through the Yecup 365 mobile app. Yecup connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you full control over the temperature of your drink, heating or cooling it down as you wish! The app shows temperature both in F and C and also allows you to check the real­time temperature of your drink and current battery life of your Yecup right from the app! As soon as your beverage is ready, Yecup will notify you via a push notification on your smartphone as well as with it’s glowing logo on the mug. The app allows you to create temperature presets for all of your favorite drinks and even adjust the temperature of your drink remotely

Yecup 365 comes in both 12 and 14 fluid ounce options (Basic & Premium). While the design of the mug stays compact and classic.

Here’s a complete list of features:

  • Temperature indicator ­ – Logo color change (Blue/Red/Green) ­
  • Wireless charging dock or AC adapter for rapid charging ­
  • Built­in cooling and heating buttons for manual control ­
  • Real­time temperature and mug battery life indicators on the app ­
  • App available for both iOS and Android devices ­
  • 100% eco­friendly stainless steel and BPA free leak­proof lid ­
  • Charging capabilities for any device that uses a USB charger