Grand Trunk Kryptek Hammock | The Hammock Built for Blending In

By: Blake Ahlgrim

Grand Trunk Kryptek Hammock Review

More and more recently hammocks have begun to catch the eye of the high school and college kids. They use them for hanging in the shade, relaxing, on a stand, overnight in a hammock tent and sometimes taking naps. The extreme portability and practicality of the simple hammock has somewhat been forgotten. Changing our mindset from viewing a hammock as a cozy place to lay your head to an essential piece of gear for any explorer. More frequently than not, find myself spending the night in an area with trees, they are everywhere, so a hammock is perfect for this. It is a shelter that is off the ground away from night time critters and wet, cold ground. Because hammocks are a necessary part of any explorer’s gear, it’s important to have the right one. Grand Trunk’s Kryptek Yeti Print Hammock is a hammock that should definitely be considered.

Grand Trunk Kryptek Hammock Review

Starting first with what if first noticed when looking at this hammock, the design. This line of hammocks has patterns that can match any personality. There is no rule that say gear has to be camouflage or earth toned, but why not have a hammock that is not only fun to sleep in, but also is fun to look at! This hammock is a double, which I recommend for anyone. I am a bigger guy and it offers plenty of space and holds perfectly. With a double there is plenty of room for a top quilt, easily covered with a rain tarp, and fits nicely inside an underquilt. The suspension system is a simple rope that can be wrapped around a tree and knotted to hold the hammock. There are many different styles of hooks and carabiners that companies use, Grand Trunk picked well. They have solid clips that ensure that the hammock will remain attached while getting in and out. This hammock all around is extremely comfortable. I have used it for sleeping the night and have also just set it up for naps in the shade of a few big trees. Many hammocks start to fray and wear down after some use. So far I have used this hammock quite a bit and it still looks like it did the day I got it.

Grand Trunk Kryptek Hammock Review

Exploring doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and boring. This hammock adds a little bit of pop to your gear! This is a quality piece of equipment that will allow for a fun comfortable night sleep! A hammock is a necessity for any explorer and this hammock should be considered for your selection!






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