The Novy Sports Towel

New and innovative are words we love to hear and often describe exciting new gear on the horizon. Have you ever had trouble with your towel and been frustrated that in many years, nobody has been trying to make updates to one piece of cloth? Well, that is about to change. The Novy towel is a new name to the industry and might just change the towel game for you! 

Have you ever wrapped a towel around your waist? Who hasn’t, right? Has it ever slipped off when you’re trying to change after surfing? That’s no fun. Introducing the Novy Towel: a simple solution to help your towel stay secure wherever your next adventure takes you. Surfers often have to change quickly after a morning at the beach. The Novy Towel was originally developed to make it easier to change out of a wetsuit without giving people a free show. We quickly discovered that there was much more that it could do. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. Whether you’re going to the beach, traveling the world or just going to your local surf spot, the Novy Towel is a multi­use product you’ll want to have with you. Ditch that old boring towel and pack one that is as adventurous as you are! 

The Novy Towel uses an innovative secure fit system. Simply wrap it around your waist like any other towel, pull one of the buttons and place it through the next button hole. That’s it! You’re done. The elastic cord ensures a snug fit. The multiple holes around the edge allow the same towel to be worn by just about anyone, big or small. To remove, push the button back through the hole and the elastic cord will retract the button. Not only does it provide secure changing and drying off, it has many additional applications. The Novy Towel can serve as a surfboard cover, protection on your car’s seat, and is easily hangable when drying. It is also very compact and stores in a backpack taking up minimal space. The towel is made from micro­terry cloth which allows it to be extremely absorbent and soft. The corners are reinforced with rip-
stop nylon for extra durability on the frequently used areas. It has been designed from the ground up for your next adventure.

The Novy Towel will be launching July 1, 2016, on Kickstarter. Please support their project and tell a friend about them. 

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