SaltAir 30A Fat Bike Tour PCB

SaltAir 30a was so great to explore with during our week in Panama City Beach! We experienced not only paddle boarding a dune lake, but also a fat bike tour in a state park. We were excited for this adventure because it was a bit different than the standard offer in PCB. The fat bike tour included a 5 person adventure through 10 miles of the park trails, through sand, mud puddles, and some pretty awesome terrain. We woke up at the crack of down or slightly thereafter and got on the road to meet our guide at the prescribed meeting point. I do want to clarify that the team does a fantastic job of setting up the tour, giving you all of the info you need to get there and have a successful morning. They send this through email and are very accessible through the phone as well.

We got on the road and about 25 minutes later reached our start point destination. Our tour guide, Ethan, met us there with a smile on his face, ready to go. He gave us a run-down of the bikes and showed us the basics of fat bikes. We hopped on and headed down the bike lane of the main road there to get the grip on the bikes before hitting the trails. Our team and family quickly grasped how to bike on fat bikes and about 5 minutes down the road, approached the trail. 

From the highway we kicked off the trail part of the trip, Ethan told us we'd go about 5 miles out and 5 miles back on the tour. We were excited and didn't quite know what all to expect. A few minutes into the trail, one of our team locked up his bike. This caused us to have to take a pit stop to fix the bike and in the end, we actually had to leave a team member behind, but we certainly understand that equipment isn't always fooled proof. During that down time, we got to learn more about Ethan, his time in Europe and his awesome explorer life as a biker. Once we got back on the trail the trip started to get exciting. 

We started off with a bit of sand, which was tough to go through, but a fun challenge as well! Then we hit tree roots, mud puddles, and some wood bridges. Those don't begin to cover how the trails were, but you get the picture. I mentioned how prepared SaltAir 30a is and how they share with you all you need, but even with that prep, we somehow neglected to bring water. This is where our tour guides true colors shined through. We got through the first 5 miles and he offered to take us on a quick mile detour to Publix to grab some drinks. We gladly accepted and took the detour. After that, we got back on the trails and hit the final 5 miles.

We rolled into our starting location after wrapping up and eased off our bikes to find more water. The fat bike tour was overall awesome. The bikes were high quality, the trails were awesome and the tour guide was exceptional. We would recommend that you prepare yourself for a bit of hard work out on the trails, this is not your sunset pontoon boat tour, this is a pumpin' and awesome tour for the mid-level explorer. Aka if you think taking a walk on the beach is hardcore exploration, this may not be for you. Also, you may want to consider leaving your 13-year-olds and under back home of they get tired easily. 

No matter how tough some of the parts of the trail were, we absolutely loved it and would recommend it as a great off the beaten path tour in Panama City Beach area. We'd encourage you to go check out SaltAir 30a by clicking here and booking them on a tour when you visit PCB.