By: Mike Peeples 

The Castaway travel hammock is packed into a small bag sewn into the side of the hammock for convenience with a buckle strap that can be used for added convenience while traveling to attach the bag to your backpack and more. The hammock is simple to setup, comfortable and perfect for kicking back and relaxing after a long day. 

There is an additional, smaller pocket sewn into the bag for storage of the included, easy to use ratchet straps to hang your hammock. The simple design of the hammock includes a carabiner at each end for the attachment of the hammock to the straps. 

This hammock is ideal for single person use or for sharing a beautiful, comfortable nap in the trees with someone. The water-wicking material can withhold a reasonably large load while maintaining it’s comfortability. Overall it is a wonderful hammock and recommended for any casual explorer. 

Possible places of use:

- On a university or college campus
- In the mountains
- Anywhere with two supports for attachment (Duh!)

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