Bag of air chair

If you are an on the go type of person and we know most of your are. You know that there isn't much time to just sit down and relax and even if there is, it's in some uncomfortable camping chair or even the front seat of your car. Well, this piece of gear is set to upgrade that relaxation. 

The concept of the Bag-of-Air chair is based off the air couch/hammock that so many of you have seen. That type of relaxation system went viral on Facebook and youtube not long ago, but we haven't seen anything like this chair before.  

What we like

So what we like about the chair is that it comes in two very easy to use and setup pieces. The blowing up part of it is straightforward and quick. So within 3 minutes of stopping your car and getting out of the car, it would be incredibly simple to get this chair setup and to be already relaxing. 

Beyond the simplicity and ease of setup, we like the vast amount of variety of colors and the ability to mismatch the pillow portion of the chair and the base of the seat. All-in-all the chair can come in over 50 combinations of color. 

We also appreciated that the chair itself was sturdy enough to hold a little bit more weight than expected comfortably. I am just under 200 lbs, and it held me comfortably and with ease. I did have to make sure there was plenty of air in there, but as long as there was, I was all set. 

What we thought could improve

Overall, the chair was fantastic and easy to use and comfortable, but we did notice that there are a few things that could improve. The first of these, being that the weight of the chair when not blown up seemed rather cumbersome. We understand that this is not an easy thing to lighten the load on, but it was relatively heavy for a blow-up chair. That said, it felt industrial grade and not cheap, which was a bonus in our minds. 

The second thing to improve is the proportions of the chair to the pillow to the one sitting on it. We noticed when testing that you could certainly find your comfort spot, but it wasn't always a good fit for any size of a person. It's almost like you just have to do some playing around to find the perfect comfort level. We encourage you that this isn't a make it our break deal here, just something to be aware of and test out on your own. All of our sitters were able to get comfortable through some tweaking of their own. 

The verdict

This chair is a prime opportunity for you to quickly and easily relax. We'd recommend it for your weekend explorations and camping/relaxing in the outdoors. With the weight of it, you certainly won't be taking it on your longer hiking excursions, but for the day-to-day adventurer it is an absolute winner, and when you pull it out people will certainly be wanting to try it out and buy their own. We haven't seen anything like this in the US yet and were excited to try it out!

Check out Bag Of Air today and get your own, or try one of their hammock style bags of air as well!