The Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern Review | Light up Your Night, Charge Your Gear

The Lighthouse Mini Lantern (LML) is a powerhouse of a mini lantern. Goal Zero knocked it out of the park with this lantern. We received the light and were surprised out how "mini" it was. Seeing it in pictures made me think it would be a bit taller than it is. It comes in standing at just 7 inches tall and only a few inches wide. 

We wanted to expand a little further here as to why this little lantern blew us away. Below, we'll highlight each of the features and how it makes it great. As you read, you'll get more and more excited about the punch the Lighthouse mini packs. And once you're finished, it will hit you. "All that was packed into a 7 inch tall light?!" Yep, it's just that good!

The Lighthouse USB Charging Cable

The USB attachment to the LML is entirely intuitive. Whether it's charging on the GoalZero Nomad, or another solar panel, or even a computer/wall charger it is flexible. This makes it so easy to use, and you will never be without power. Most items out there, you have to keep the cord with you, and it plugs and unplugs into the device. This different attachment method and creative storage is a big winner on the innovation side of things. 

The Lantern's Hanger and Carabiner Loop

The hook and carabiner loop offer a thoughtfully created lantern top. Often lanterns only come with one of these options, but this allows for easy attachment anywhere. IT specifically lends itself to attaching to the top of a tent, or a line across a campsite. The only thing we wished here was that the carabiner loop was just a bit wider/bigger.

The Lantern's Collapsible Legs

The collapsible legs on the LML are superb, not only are they useful for simply making the Lighthouse stand, they are flexible in multiple directions which allow for the lantern to stand anywhere. They also fold up and almost disappear for easy and small packing room. The rubber on the bottom of the legs is also perfect for giving a little extra stickiness to them, so they don't slide all over. 

The Lantern's Magnet

The bottom of the LML has a magnet for easy attachment to magnetized items. Although we didn't actively use this feature much, it was nice to have. In reviewing many lanterns, and lights this is a nice addition, but rarely can the magnet hold the weight of the lamp. In this case, the magnet held on a straight vertical surface and made for easy and quick usage on a magnetized surface. 

The Lantern itself

The light itself is fantastic and easy to use. The dial turns to the right to activate the full lantern up and turns to the left to light only half the lantern. The ability to only light half the lantern was a great function for us because it saved precious charge time that otherwise needed to be used to charge our devices. The light seemed to last forever and got us through multiple days of usage on a low setting. One of the best parts of this light was that instead of having a set number of brightness settings, it was on a dimmer which allowed for some combinations that we appreciated having. 

At 210 lumens, the light itself is pretty bright, although not the brightest we have ever used, it will certainly light up the area where needed. We found that it gave ample light for up to 3 feet and good ancillary light up to 12 feet from the lantern itself. 

The Lantern's Tripod Thread

Although we didn't use it with the exception of the test, we appreciated having the tripod thread as a part of the design. It was a good thought to include and was useful in that it allowed us to use the light more creatively, boost it higher and adjust it differently than we would have been able to before. 

So overall, the GoalZero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is a winner. It is currently only $49.99 on the GoalZero website which is a steal of a deal. If you were to use one word to describe the LML, it would certainly be Agile. With a large variety of hanging, attaching and usage options it is the most agile portable lantern we have tried thus far.

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