The Ultimate Hammock Brand List | Find Your Next Hammock Now With These 15 Brands

The Hammock Brand List


Find a list of 15 different hammock brands below and set about your hammock search with the perfect amount of options! We know you love hammocks, yep, so do we. We didn't mess around and just find random outfitters, we found epic hammock companies and outline below how to get to each. This gifting season, don't forget that almost everyone loves relaxing and almost everyone will love a good hammie hang.

Probably the star of the hammock show, ENO is well known for their excellent camping hammocks! Try one out today!

Hennessy is the premiere hammock tent company out there. If you don't know what a hammock tent is yet, check them out! 

Independent Wolf is a hammock company specializing in durability. If you're a solo traveler, give them a look!

Wise Owl Outfitters have the coolest VIP club when it comes to hammocks! 

Grand Trunk is making epic designs for hammocks. We tested one out. So good!

Kammok is also a winner when it comes to hammock sleeping! Check out the under quilt!

Lawson Hammock makes one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use tent hammocks on the market!

Bear Butt hammocks offers simple, stylish hammocks perfect for exploring. 

Lazy Bandidos has some great hammies for getting your beach vibes on. We love the look of their original Bandido hammock.

Elefun offers a great starting hammock! Their affordable double hammock makes for a great gift, too--whether for yourself or your trail buddy

Hailed as one the best backpacking hammocks of 2018, Hummingbird Hammock's ultralight single+ hammock is sure to please!

Handmade camping hammocks. Need we say more?  High Life Hammocks and Accessories touts their hammocks durability and quality with their Craftmanship guarantee!

Serac offers great colors and an awesome website that explains everything you need to know about hammocking. We love their brand!

If you're a fan of socially responsible brands, consider Soco Hammocks! They donate 10% of their profits to Makarios, an organization helping impoverished children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Yellow Leaf's handmade cotton rope hammocks are beautiful and anti-flip, so you can relax in peace. They make hammock chairs, too!

Updated September, 2018