rocket by success

By: Joshua Heiden

This portable, Bluetooth speaker lived up to its expectations with only a couple minor complaints. After we had done extensive testing, we saw that others were interested in the speaker and were interested in finding out more about it. With the device, Pairing to different devices is very straightforward and user-friendly. We loved that the colors are either just white or just black as that adds to a classy appeal, although we suggest only exploring outdoors with the black version due to the dirt and grime. 

The size and portability are the best-noticed features of The Rocket. The speaker can be easily carried in a pocket and is lightweight. This feature came in handy on walks or hikes as it was carried in the side pocket of a book bag while still being used. The design is different than many speakers of it's kind, and that allows for a unique flexibility that would be attractive to those exploring on a weekend trip. 

We were impressed as well because we found that the battery life was even better than listed. We used the speaker for over eight hours on a single charge. The Bluetooth connection does fade out when the distance from the device is around 10 meters or less though which was disappointing. However, this is expected for this speaker and most Bluetooth pairing devices of its kind. 

One improvement we would look for would be the quality and intensity of sound produced by the speaker, although for the size of the speaker not much more could be expected. We did notice a potential glitch in the speaker as well. On several occasions, a high pitched ringing noise was heard while the device was charging. However, it was not heard during every charge. Overall, we would recommend the speaker as a more affordable alternative to other more expensive speakers marketed by competitors.

So if you are interested in a high-quality speaker, we recommend this as an option, but it may be more toward the middle of the road. At the current price of $11 on Amazon though it will be hard to beat price wise.