We were able to have the opportunity to review the Woodwerds Plymouth Sunglasses and were very excited to do so. We received the sunglasses from the Woodwerd team, and they blew us away with their packaging. Not only was the box packaged well, as soon as you open them the experience begins. The sunglasses are packaged in a bamboo wood box and then are wrapped in a microfiber pull tight pouch. The packaging also includes a microfiber wipe cloth as well which finished off the kit nicely.

After you get past the fantastic packaging, we got to the sunglasses themselves. We picked the Plymouth pair because we like a classic darker sunglass appeal. The design of the dark front frame and the lighter side behind ear pieces was perfectly coordinated and looked great. We also really appreciated that the exterior branding of the sunglasses wasn't overblown and was limited to the W of Woodwerds itself and only on the left side. We didn't mind at all that the full brand was on the inner left piece as that is expected! 

Beyond the packaging and design, we went into the nitty gritty of testing. Here are a few of things we didn't like. The sunglasses are a bit bigger, so this offers a few challenges as far as fitting them into "Typical sunglass spots." Places like a car flip down, or jacket pocket is still potentials, but they fit just a little bit less comfortably with a bigger profile. Another item we don't love is that because they are wood it just gives the feeling that they could potentially break more easily than our typical sunglasses. While this may not be true, it's something that we certainly now consider more because of them being wood. So really there wasn't much to not like, these babies are delightful to wear!

So now to the things we loved about the Plymouths. First up, the spring-loaded hinges of the frames are some of the best inventions on sunglasses ever made. The fact that they included them in a bamboo frame was even better. As a man with a large head, a spring loaded frame is a must. The second thing we loved is one of the things we mentioned that was a con, the size! Since I was the one who tested, I have a larger head and like this needed a bit bigger of a size. The fit of the Woodwerds was perfect on my chunk of a head and were incredibly comfortable to wear. To compare, we received a tester pair of Proof sunglasses, and it felt like my head was in a box with a rubber band tied around it. All that to say. The Plymouths were winners as far as size.

One of the final things we loved about the glasses was the smooth comfort of them. Throughout the entire pair, it was a smooth fit and feel from edge to edge. Wood sunglasses have a tendency to be a bit rough or sharp around the edges, but the Plymouths were smoothed to a T! 

So overall, if you are looking for a casual pair of bamboo sunglasses for your spring and summer adventures, we'd say give Woodwerds a try, specifically the Plymouths! Comment below if you have had an experience with Woodwerds or other wood sunglasses!