Avex FreeFlow Autoseal® Stainless Water Bottle | The Beast In Your Water Bottle Collection

Avex Sent us over a few tester products to evaluate and we have been loving checking them out. Check out our first Avex review of the ReCharge Tumbler.  The product we want to share with you today is the 40 Ounce Freeflow Autoseal Stainless Water Bottle. The bottle itself is made of powder coated 18/8 stainless steel. It is stated to keep drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold for up to 34. It comes with an easy wash and high flow lid and it comes in two sizes 40 Ounce($36.99) and 24 Ounce($29.99). 

Avex itself is an awesome company. They have built the company on the backs of, "adventurers turned makers". And incredible makers they are. They have come across over the years as industry leaders in the water bottle development industry with many new patent pending features that blow their products sky high on the charts. Learn more about their story by checking out their site's about page

So we really got into the testing with this bottle. We took it with us specifically on our road trip from Ohio to Maine. Our goal was to put it through it's paces and try it out on every angle of adventuring. We did just that, whether in the car, on the hiking trail or anywhere else we happened to stop.

A few technical aspects of the bottle we enjoyed. One, the lid, it opened easily, and closed shut perfectly. It came with autoseal, a gun style safety and a flip top. With these three methods, keeping the darn thing closed was simple and we never had an issue with the water inside leaking. One note to mention is that the body of the bottle does not perspire as a cheap bottle would, the cap does build up condensation and "leak" water over time in the right circumstances. We would recommend keeping it upright as that keeps the water out of it and the condensation clear. We also enjoyed the body of the bottle, it took many spills on the rocks, concrete, in the car and more and we walked out of the trip with barely a nick or a scratch. 

We loved the bottle flow as well. I really like getting a quick amount of cold water and that wasn't a problem with this lid. The bottle kept our water cold throughout multiple days and even when we tried a hot beverage, it succeeded in keeping it incredibly warm for hours. One note of warning specifically with the 40 Ounce bottle, be careful when packing the bottle around as it is large and fits well, but not perfectly. 

Overall our experience with Avex's big beast of a water bottle was amazing. It kept us hydrated, happy and ready for whatever adventures we had coming at us. It truly helped us explore better. We'd recommend it to anyone looking for a tank when it comes to water bottles. Just be sure and take heed of how the cap perspires and how large it can truly get before buying. Don't say we didn't warn you. Test it out for yourself. Click the button below and get you Avex on!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.