5 Tips For Sleeping Better While Camping

5 Tip[s for Sleeping Better While Camping

We all know that camp sleeping is not always the most body friendly. Whether it's a rock, the cool weather or your rowdy neighbors. Camp sleeping can surely be a toss up to whether you'll get all the ZZZs you need to be refreshed and active the next day. We collected the tips below to help you achieve that dream sleep needed to be your best exploring self! Most of these tips will lead to product type suggestions, because what would Explorer GEAR be, without them? Also, because sleeping with absolutely no products or gear will leave you on the cold hard ground. Rough it if you choose. 

Tip #1 - Choose the right sleeping bag!

 We suggest to make sure and check for a sleeping bag with a low-grade temperature rating so that you'll never wake up cold. Note: You likely do not need a sub-degree rated bag unless you are an expert that knows you do. If you get this type of bag, it is probable you will be a sweaty sleeper... yuck.

Tip #2 - Campsites, if not in the right location can be loud because of noisy neighbors.

 We suggest thinking about and acting on a few of these options when setting up. 

- Try to block the other campsite with your vehicle. It will help block the sound just a bit. 
- If you can, find a site by a river, stream or another body of water. They typically offer a good amount of white noise that helps block other sounds and provide steadiness. 
- Even just putting the rain fly on your tent, when you previously thought you didn't have to will help incrementally. 
- The last solve is just to stay up later, talk longer and be the last ones in the campground up. Problem solved!

Tip #3 - First things first on the third tip, don't sleep on pointy things!

 Make sure that you plan your sleep time well by planning out your tent staking position Your best bet is to take a few moments and get down on hands and knees if need by to ensure that you don't feel any pokes and prods that will be uncomfortable in the middle of the night. The rule is good sleep comes when there are no sticks, rocks, thorns, water, and when you have level ground. Be sure that this is a priority!

Tip #4 - Pick the right pillow! 

We suggest getting a dedicated camp pillow if you go out enough. That way you can keep your home pillows, comfy and clean. As far as what type of pillow to get. Try to find one that supports your neck well and also is just all around comfortable to sleep on. A few things to think about. One, those plastic blow up pillows look cool, but if you don't bring a cover for it, you might end up with a ton of sweat! Who wants that? Two, small pillows are easy to pack but don't always give you great support. So really think about this as an investment and make sure you'll be happy with it in the long run. Note: for all you rugged peeps out there. Yes, a backpack, wad of clothes or the ground can be used as a pillow and on a longer excursion with the need for light weight, they are the best.

Tip #5 - If all of these tips aren't helping, we'd suggest investing in a good sleeping mat, mattress or blow-up inflatable (Not a pool float). 

Whatever you want to call it, get it! These allow you to stay elevated a bit off the ground and give you support that you need to get a fair to a good night of rest. We found a few that seem like good options for a variety of different people. Here they are:

The rugged version - These will not break down; they will not pop- if you get enough of them they will make both a pillow and a mattress and will keep you off the ground. Self-inflating for that rugged man in your life. (Note: These are not actually recommended, just a joke)

The slightly less rugged version - This is just a pad to give you an ounce more support than your sleeping bag, and the ground does. We think it would do a good job for you who can be comfortable almost anywhere!

The go-to version - This is go-to for those of you who want to be comfy, but can still handle camping. Teton Sports makes awesome stuff, so we know that this will satisfy the need for sleep!

This is the I'm not sure I want to be camping right now version - With no desire for camping, this may just help you get out there and relax a bit. IT might even get your wife to head out of the house for the weekend! Or husband if he's just more into air-conditioning than the outdoors. 

We hope these tips help you up your sleeping game by just a little! Comment below if you have other tips to add to the post or if you have nice things to say about other people!