8 Outdoor Jacket Brands to Check Out This Fall

Best 2018 jacket brands

The Best Jacket Brands For 2018

When it comes to quality outdoor jackets, there are a few companies that probably spring to mind. These titans in the industry certainly deserve their position as go-to brands, but there are plenty of other brands out there that are gunning for a place as a future classic.

Fall weather can be a temperamental season, with weather fluctuating from warm to cold and from wet to dry in little to no time at all. As such, the best fall jackets will be layerable--whether they themselves have multiple layers already or simply work with whatever existing layers you have.


Since 1912, L. L. Bean has provided quality products to outdoor enthusiasts. As a classic American sporting company, they’re well-known for their products’ durability. Their lifetime guarantee on their products is another testament to their quality, and certainly a reason that they remain one of the staples of the outdoor clothing industry.


Another staple in the outdoor clothing industry, Patagonia is also notable for its environmentally conscious stances. They have a wide range of jackets and layering options available, from base layers to fleeces and from shells to heavy coats.


Huckberry is a great source for casual outdoor looks, and offers a range of products for the outdoor-oriented man. WIth an aesthetic somewhere between business casual and rugged, they have a large selection of midweight jackets great for the in-between temperatures of fall.


The first Canadian company on the list, but by no means the only notable one, Arc’teryx specializes in sleek outdoor gear, and have a solid line of jackets to peruse.

REI Co-op

Recreational Equipment, Inc. is known for their #optoutside campaign as well as their quality products and learning opportunities. Initially a group of 23 mountain climbing buddies, REI Co-op has grown into a company who consistently ranks among the Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for.


Specializing in lightweight, windbreaker-style jackets, Haglöfs--a Swedish company--offers free shipping and free returns, as well as options that are both functional and stylish.


FjällRäven is another Swedish brand, perhaps most known for their daypacks and hiking bags. However, they also have an extensive range of jackets available for all types of weather.


From across the pond comes England’s Rab--“The Mountain People” company. Established in 1981, their focus is on mountaineering and climbing gear, but they have a wide range of jackets for all seasons available.