The Advanced Elements Summer Shower | Staying Clean In The Woods Ain't Easy

By: Nick Boucher

You could say that one of my biggest desires is to remain clean. However, that becomes difficult when you also enjoy playing sports and being active outdoors as much as I do. Because my desire to remain active, as well as to remain clean often contradict, it is necessary to remain proactive in regards to cleanliness. That’s what the summer shower provides. From camping trips to beach trips, from sports games to outings with a group, the summer shower provides a way to take a shower at any moment on the go.

All of those moments where a shower is most needed having just come from a day in the sand at the beach or hiking through the mud to find the camping spot for the night is solved using the summer shower. With it being able to hold five gallons of water, the summer shower provides enough water for multiple showers, and warm showers at that. There are multiple features about this product to love, especially for all of those who like a warm shower with good water pressure.

The way the summer shower is created, the on/off nozzle is extremely simple to use and creates a good flow of water for pressure. After leaving the water in the sun, having filled the pouch through an easy-to-fill slot, you have the opportunity to have any warm shower you desire while out among nature.

Removing all of the dirt, sand, or sweat that is collected on you during your travels is a privilege. Enjoying and refreshing in a nice sun-warmed shower is a benefit. Owning a summer shower that allows at your convenience to have both is a must.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.