A Morning Inspiration

By @strazlan aka Stratton Towers

The sun warms your face as it slithers into the sky. The notes from birds singing are delivered to you via a gentle breeze. You imagine the trees you're nestled amongst are swaying side to side in the rhythm of nature. You smell the warm, fresh air the pine trees so generously fragranced. You open your eyes and remember where you are. You peer out of your swag and see the lake you set your camp up next to the day before. It's an indescribable color, the most vibrant aqua you've ever seen. Pine needles cover the ground up to the clearing of rocks you placed for a fire. It's still smoldering so breakfast will take place in no time at all.

A soft growl is heard with every breath your dog exhales at your feet. You are forgiven for thinking that he is a wild wolf in your current surroundings. You want to move but your legs are still tired from the trek here yesterday. A good excuse not to wake the beast purring. You think about the work you have to return to in a few days time, it seems so surreal amongst your idyllic setting. You can't help but wonder if this is how humans are supposed to live because you've never felt more at ease. No stress, no watching the time, no unnecessary noise. If it wasn't for buying a few more creature comforts from your favorite gear shop you could seriously consider becoming one with the wilderness. All time stops as you are lost in the moment until the wolf finally starts to stir. It's time for breakfast, you have another big hike ahead of you following the stream that feeds into the lake. An exciting feeling overwhelms you, you are doing what you love, you're exploring...